14 May 2024Club TT Results - 2nd & 9th May 2024

2nd May

Name                      Time

Ewan Scott              00:26:55

Frank Roach            00:27:06

Andy Shaw              00:27:45

Broger Oliver Jones 00:27:59

Alan Cockburn         00:28:16

Nigel Jones             00:28:33

Audrey Scott           00:28:41

Fiona Paton             00:29:09

Amanda Wagstaffe   00:29:36

Fergus Macleod        00:29:47

Mike MacNamara     00:29:47

Stewart Milne           00:31:19

Pete Horsler             00:31:46

Keith Jones              00:34:01

David Fyfe               00:34:47

Fiona Macleod          00:39:19


9th May

Name Time

Broger Oliver Jones 00:26:51

Neil Wilson              00:28:32

Alan Cockburn        00:29:16

Mike MacNamara    00:29:27

Fergus Macleod      00:29:59

Rhys Llewellyn        00:31:33

David Fyfe              00:34:52

Keith Jones             00:36:13

Anne Baddon          00:36:43

Fiona Macleod        00:39:05



Name                  C/fwd  2/5  9/5  Total

Keith Jones             20    10     4     34

Stewart Milne         12      8      0      20

Frank Roach           11      6      0     17

Mike MacNamara    1        7      8      16

Fergus Macleod       4       2       6     12

Fiona Paton             9       3      0     12

Nigel Jones              7       5      0     12

Ewan Scott             1       0      10    11

Fiona Macleod         0       1      10    11

Alan Cockburn         7       1       1     9

Broger Oliver Jones  1       1       7     9

Kieran Robbins         6       0       0     6

Andy Shaw              4       1       0     5

Anne Baddon           2       0       3     5

Neil Wilson               0       0       5     5

Amanda Wagstaffe   0      4       0     4

Audrey Scott            3      1       0     4

David Fyfe                1      1       1     3

Kate Roach              3      0        0      3

Pete Horsler             2      1       0     3

Rhys Llewellyn         0      0        2      2

29 April 2024Club TT Results - 18th & 25th April 2024

TT Results

18th April

Name                      Time

Ewan Scott              00:28:28

Frank Roach             00:28:40

Alan Cockburn           00:28:52

Andy Shaw               00:29:21

Mike ???                   00:29:34

Audrey Scott             00:30:07

Fiona Paton               00:30:21

Pete Horsler               00:32:04

Kate Roach               00:32:48

Stewart Milne            00:34:54

Keith Jones                00:38:11

Anne Baddon             00:38:46

David Fyfe                 00:39:21


25th April

Name                       Time

Kieran Robbins           00:25:52

Ewan Scott                00:27:15

Broger Oliver Jones    00:28:16

Frank Roach              00:28:47

Andy Shaw                00:28:53

Audrey Scott             00:29:04

Alan Cockburn           00:29:15

Nigel Jones                00:29:27

Fergus Macleod         00:30:09

Fiona Paton               00:30:28

Kate Roach               00:31:33

Stewart Milne            00:32:34

Pete Horsler              00:34:41

Keith Jones               00:35:01

David Fyfe                00:36:12

Anne Baddon            00:36:49


Current standings

Name                 18/4 25/4  Total

Keith Jones           10    10    20

Stewart Milne         4      8     12

Frank Roach           8      3     11

Ewan Scott            5       5     10

Fiona Paton            7       1      8

Alan Cockburn        6       1      7

Nigel Jones             0        7      7

Kieran Robbins        0        6      6

Andy Shaw             3         1     4

Fergus Macleod      0         4      4

Audrey Scott          2         1      3

Kate Roach             1         2      3

Anne Baddon           1         1     2

Pete Horsler             1         1      2

Broger Oliver Jones  0         1      1

David Fyfe101

Mike ???101

31 March 2024ESW Social Ride - Bonar Bridge to Croick Church

Start point -Kyle of Sutherland Hub, Bonar Bridge

Suitable for road bikes/ Gravel biks

Distance – 21 miles

Elevation 800 ft

Suitable for all riders

 This is a loop around Strathcarron on quiet single track roads, with no steep climbs. Stunning scenery crossing over the river Carron at Gruinards and a chance to see the historical Croic Church. Before heading back on the opposite side of the river back to Gledfield and to Bonar Bridge.

Ride report

13 riders in total. A mixture of road, gravel and e mtbs. It started off frosty but with the sun rising and the cloudless skies this started to warm up. We headed off from Bonar  to Glefield taking the short cut off the A836 on the right at Crom Rathad to save having to turn right at Ardgay  on a blind bend. We took a clockwise route around the Carron. By the time we were 4 miles in we were decanting the extra layers. A steady ride and only passing 4 -5 cars with friendly drivers, at 8.5 miles we crossed he bridge over to the otherside of the river Carron, A chance here also to decanter more layers and take in the beautiful rocky embankment of the river beneath the bridge There is access down to the river on the left hand side of the bridge. An opportunity if required to sit down and watch the white waters of the river flow by, That’s if you weren’t in a rather large group of cyclist. Once everyone had a chance to take in the scenery, take a few photos and the odd selfie we continued on our way. We turned left and continued toward Croick passing the turning to Alladale and Glencalvie  before cycling another mile along the road and reaching Croick Church. https://www.croickchurch.com/ . Another chance to read about the historical Church and take another group photo. We then traced our tracks again but instead of going back over the bride we continued straight ahead on the opposite side of the river, As we passed the junction to Alladale we said goodbye to 3 of our riders who had planned to take an extended ride along the gravel tracks to Deanich Lodge. This side of river is more open, with views looking back over Gruinards Estate. This side of the road had more potholes than the last but by this time we were ready for them. We also realised that we had actually had a slight tail wind on the way out. At around 8 miles we passed the left junction sign posted Culrain and headed West over another stunning large stone bridge. Another chance to stop and peer over the bridge to the vast expanse of water below. Once over the other side of the bridge we were heading back to Gledfield, and turning left back through the housing estate at Crom Rathad before rejoining the A836 back to the Hub where we had a well deserved cake and hot drink.


17 March 2024 ESW Social Ride Aldie Burn to Tain Hill Pulpit Stone

Date:   Sunday 17th March
Distance:    Approx 22km / 14 miles 

Terrain: mainly forest tracks and some on road sections
Bikes:   Suitable for mountain, gravel and e-bikes
No of riders that attended:  8

Route: Starting at Aldie Burn car park head up the burn on a series of small paths, before joining the main forest track to Dog Grave Hill.   From here, continue on this track round to Edderton Viewpoint.  There are three steady climbs to reach this point, before a long descent almost to Tarlogie.   Now for the big climb of the day up to the Pulpit Stone on Tain Hill.  Another long descent, this time on road to Pipers Cafe in Tain before heading back out to Aldie Burn on the Scotsburn Road. (Underpass used both times to cross the A9)


This was the first social ride of the season and it was great to welcome two new riders, keen to take part in their first ESW event.  The route was mainly on wide forest tracks and the three e-bikes were able to cruise along with the rest of us pedalling hard to keep up.  From Aldie Burn we headed round Tain Hill to Edderton View Point where we stopped for a wee photo shoot.  It also gave people a chance to get their bearings as this spot offers magnificent views.    We then enjoyed a major descent, before the long slog up to the Pulpit Stone.  Even the e-bikers need to push for  a short stretch.  However, it was certainly worth it, as again we were spoilt with amazing views.  Then it was a lovely ride in the sunshine down to Pipers Cafe in Tain for a coffee and cake stop, before the cycle back out Scotsburn Road to Aldie Burn.

Being Saint Patrick’s Day and with the sun-shining we just had to present our very own ‘Irish legend' Rory with a wee bottle of Guinness to mark the occasion.  As the Irish would say “a grand  day out”.

Ride Leader:   Audrey Scott

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