05 April 2014
ESW programme is underway after Easter.

The season is under way , here is ESW programme of events so far.

Monday night Spinning 6-7 & 7-8pm usual booking applies.

Tuesday  Time trials 7pm Meet at Rogart village hall in plenty of time to ride down to the startline to ensure we start on time.

Wednesday Crit training.

From 23rd April Wednesday evening are ESW club evening on Kart Track. If there are no structured training sessions on (see poster which will be displayed shortly) or race evening – the kart track can be used for open training sessions/chaingangs… To use the track it will be £1 per session.

Thursday APR 7pm Meet at the mound junction to Rogart ready to set off at 7pm. This is great fun and it is done over 20miles out to the TT turn and back. Basically this is a chance to work on yourriding in a group skills. the ides is the first group goes off this could be a group of up to 6 people who will ride together, and agreed time  eg 3 mins afterward and then the fastest group last abnother 3 mins after the second group. Whoever gets to the finish linbe first from whatever group is the winner. This is great training, fun and not taken seriously.

There will be also an ESW orgnised group ride everymonth. There will be one organised for beginners which will be between 10 and 15miles, no one will get left behind, its not a race just a casual ride. There will also be one from 25-many many more miles. Details of the touring programme will be posted shortly.


This is going to keep you busy, more details to follow soon on the crit training and touring programme. I hope you can all join us. 


ESW Committee.

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