30 October 2017Club TT Results - final season points

Here are the final total points from this seasons club TT competition.  First list is the handicap and the second list is the scratch. 


NameTotal Points


Tim Featherstone122

Kirsteen Cockburn87

Ewan Scott78

Alan Cockburn69

Audrey Scott67

Andy Shaw56

Fiona Paton53

Derek Gunn50

Innes Mitchell50

Ben Hallam39

John Lyon32

Alec Marwick28

David Fyfe27

Amanda Wagstaffe23

Hazel Lyon21

Chris Bowden19

David Mitchell17

Ebby Ritchie16

Anne Baddon16

Catriona Scott16

Chris Whealing15

Andy Heys14

Keith Stewart13

Jonnie Ross12

Keith Macrae11

Keith Jones10

Frank Roach9

Kate Roach7

Neil Wilson7

Helene Kaspis4

Lillian Macrae4

Fiona Stewart2

Ian Sargent1

Wim Chalmet1

Kieran Robbins1

Vicki Saint1

Helen Earda1

Sabine 1




Alan Cockburn145

Tim Featherstone105

Innes Mitchell66

Derek Gunn64

John Lyon54

Alec Marwick49

Ewan Scott43

Ben Hallam39

Amanda Wagstaffe36

Fiona Paton32

David Fyfe27

Andy Shaw27

Keith Stewart26

Frank Roach25

Chris Bowden25

Andy Heys23

Kirsteen Cockburn22

David Mitchell21

Neil Wilson19

Jonnie Ross17

Keith Macrae17

Anne Baddon16

Audrey Scott13

Hazel Lyon11

Ebby Ritchie11

Ian Sargent10

Kieran Robbins10

Keith Jones10

Kate Roach8

Chris Whealing7

Wim Chalmet5

Lillian Macrae4

Helene Kaspis3

Catriona Scott3

Fiona Stewart2

Vicki Saint1

Helen Earda1

Sabine 1


17 September 2017Shindig Duathlon - Results 2017

Shindig Duathlon Results

I hope you all had fun today.

Once again, a massive thank you to all the volunteers and marshalls who helped put out and collect signs, put up bike racks and gazebos, organised the sign on, helped with timing, marshalled on the course and helped with the clean up.  Well done and thanks to all!

Please check out our Facebook page for photos and hopefully some drone footage!

You can access the results here:

Shindig Duathlon 2017 results



08 September 2017Club TT results - Final 2 weeks

Well, that's the end of another season.  Sorry for the added tension from the delay in posting the results!

A big thank you from all at ESW for the time keepers and the volunteers who have helped over the season, and also to Hazel for entering all the results into the magic spreadsheet!

Also, a big thanks to everyone who has taken part this year.  Roll on next year!

Below there are two weeks of results.  There is a stewards enquiry (!) which needs to be checked before I can release the final standings.  Update to come on that. 

Well done to Alec for setting the fastest ever time in the club TT by 7 seconds.  

Name 29/08/2017
Alan Cockburn 00:25:51
Alec Marwick 00:26:07
Tim Featherstone 00:26:34
Innes Mitchell 00:26:52
Ewan Scott 00:27:49
Fiona Paton 00:28:05
Andy Heys 00:28:19
Amanda Wagstaffe 00:28:54
Kirsteen Cockburn 00:29:58
Audrey Scott 00:30:05
Hazel Lyon 00:32:51
Catriona Scott 00:32:51
Anne Baddon 00:34:07
Ebby Ritchie 00:37:48


Name 05/09/2017
Alec Marwick 00:23:17
Chris Bowden 00:24:18
Alan Cockburn 00:26:29
Tim Featherstone 00:26:31
John Lyon 00:27:01
Andy Shaw 00:28:26
Ben Hallam 00:28:27
Fiona Paton 00:28:31
Derek Gunn 00:28:37
Ewan Scott 00:28:44
Amanda Wagstaffe 00:28:49
Keith Jones 00:28:56
Jonnie Ross 00:29:05
Catriona Scott 00:32:51
Hazel Lyon 00:33:02
Sabine  00:34:17
Lillian Macrae 00:34:19
Anne Baddon 00:34:33
Andy Heys DNF







26 August 2017Club TT results - 22 August 2017

Results from the club TT this week:

Name 22/08/2017
Chris Bowden 00:24:41
Alan Cockburn 00:25:23
Innes Mitchell 00:26:14
Tim Featherstone 00:26:46
Neil Wilson 00:27:15
Andy Shaw 00:27:30
Fiona Paton 00:27:56
Amanda Wagstaffe 00:28:37
Jonnie Ross 00:28:39
Ewan Scott 00:28:44
Kirsteen Cockburn 00:29:10
Audrey Scott 00:30:05
Chris Whealing 00:30:09
Hazel Lyon 00:32:21
Anne Baddon 00:33:04


And points:

Name Total Points 22/08/2017
Tim Featherstone 110 2
Kirsteen Cockburn 86 4
Ewan Scott 67 1
Alan Cockburn 64 5
Audrey Scott 62 1
Andy Shaw 54 7
Derek Gunn 49  
Innes Mitchell 47 6
Fiona Paton 41 8
Ben Hallam 38  
John Lyon 28  
David Fyfe 27  
Amanda Wagstaffe 21 1
Hazel Lyon 18 2
Alec Marwick 17  
David Mitchell 17  
Ebby Ritchie 15  
Chris Whealing 15 1
Anne Baddon 14 1
Keith Stewart 13  
Andy Heys 12  
Keith Macrae 11  
Jonnie Ross 11 1
Chris Bowden 11 10
Frank Roach 9  
Kate Roach 7  
Keith Jones 7  
Neil Wilson 7 3
Helene Kaspis 4  
Lillian Macrae 3  
Fiona Stewart 2  
Catriona Scott 1  
Ian Sargent 1  
Wim Chalmet 1  
Kieran Robbins 1  
Vicki Saint 1  
Helen Earda 1  

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