Today is the best time to start cycling - with bike ownership dwarfing car ownership, congestion, health and environmental issues at the fore of minds in Westminster - reasons to start enjoying life on two wheels have never been so compelling.

With expert advice at every turn, it is easy to overcomplicate getting in to cycling for the first time while forgetting the greatest advantages of cycling - for pleasure and necessity.

Essentially, starting with any road worthy bike and a sense of direction is enough to start being a cyclist, although a few precautionary checks are advisable before you get going.

We've got advice on getting your old bike back into shape or, if you're in the market for a new one, essential advice on choosing the right bike for your needs. We've also got advice on what kit you need (and what you don't), plus information on where to ride and where to get quality cycle training if your skills are as rusty as your chain!

East Sutherland Wheelers tries to encourage people to go out on regular rides with our touring group or why don't you try to take part in competitive events like a Time Trial or Road Race.


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