East Sutherland Wheelers


Held at Golpsie Kart Track on Wednesday evenings.

All coaching sessions are £2 These are for members and non members of ESW. Please be ready to ride at 7pm.


Women only beginners sessions     

Wednesday the 5th,12th &19th April.  7pm -8.30pm, (Please make sure you are ready to start at 7pm. )These three sessions are for females aged 14yrs and upwards. This is for anyone who isn’t confident at riding their bike on roads, or riding in groups, has difficulty understand their gears, needs some basic bike handling skills.  Any type of bike is suitable as long as its fully functional, brakes work, no bald tyres.  Helmets must be worn. If this is the first time your bike has seen daylight in a long time and you feel its not road worthy please book it in with Ross Baddon, Lindsey’s, Golspie to get s checked over.  If these sessions are successful then we will then organise some more intermediate coaching sessions to do with fitness, building speed and distance.  Anyone under 16 yrs of age will need a parent to sign a consent form before we start.


Chaingang coaching 26th April 7pm. (Mixed Female and Male)

The aim of this one-off session to make sure everyone feels confident, comfortable and safe riding in a chain gang (group riding).  It would be great to have everyone that is hoping to come to a Thursday night chaingang session come along.  There will be a short 15-20min session at the track, followed by a short group ride on the road to practice techniques.  ALL WELCOME.

Thursday night sessions will now be known as ‘Thursday chaingang’ and will involve small groups of riders covering around 20 miles.  Groups will be sorted according to ability. 

See this video for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWEoBFkwsc0


CRIT Racing coaching. (Mixed)

These sessions will cover cornering, group riding, race scenarios, and practice mini races.


Regional coaching session for all cycling clubs. 10th May 7pm (Mixed)

Kenny Riddle and Amanda Wagstaffe  are coaching this session. Suitable for all abilities who would like to practice and learn more about closed circuit racing ready for the ESW CRIT championships on the 21st May.

ESW Members only Crit coaching 17th May 7pm. (Mixed)

An additional session for ESW members to practice more before race day.